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Aoweii was the sixth and final planet directly created by The All Father and the Spear of Space. Around 514,00-500,000 BTLS (Before The Long Sleep), the Elves of Aoweii were awoken, forming twelve different clans. Located in the Zamox system, it had three moons. 

Aoweii had a vast river system that fed water to most of its regions. Its forests gave birth to large trees that towered into the atmosphere, giving immense protection to the clan of forest elves.  Outside of Aoweii's forest, the landscape was always rigorous with caverns and hills, located mostly in the center of the planet. Towards the north, the polar ice caps were the dominion of the Arctic Elves. 

Throughout the planet's regions and landscapes, the twelve clans were scattered before the great unification. 



44 hours


234 local days


17 million


Grey Elves

Red-tip Elves

Fire Elves

River Elves

Cave Elves

Sea Elves

Southern Elves

Arctic Elves

Music Elves

Forest Elves

Silent Elves

Yellow-band Elves






(formerly Hana)




Zamox System






Around 32,000-29,000 BTLS the elves of Aoweii began to form clans. The largest clan was the Grey Elves. Their grey skin, yellow eyes, and blue hair were the predominant traits seen on Aoweii. 

The second largest clan was the Red-Tip Elves. The tips of their pointy ears were red which distinguished them from all the other clans. Across the planet, more clans formed. The Fire, River, Cave, Sea, Southern, Arctic, Music, Forest, Silent, and Yellow-Band Elves lived in separate regions of the planet, living in peace but warring with each other if needed.



In 15,000 BTLS, a massive war between the Clans of Aoweii broke out. It was sparked after Morganon, chieftain of the Fire Elves and ancient ancestor of Morgana, declared war on the Arctic Elves. Morganon's son, Noragan, was killed during a midnight raid on the Fire Elves farming lands. Morganon pleaded with the chieftain of the Grey Elves to side with him, and together they attacked the Arctic Elves. This alliance forced the Arctic Elves to seek aid from the Southern Elves, Forest Elves, and Cave Elves. This started the 500-year war. 

Morganon lived to see his clan kill the elf who murdered his son, but the damage of the war lived on after his death. The next few centuries saw Aoweii's total population drop by 6%. The Red-Tip Elves were split on their alliance, causing a civil war amongst their clan. The Grey Elves after Morganons death began to play both sides of the war, helping the Fire Elves and Arctic Elves alike. Eventually, the Grey Elves had their schism within the clan, leading to a breakaway faction that would become the Yellow-band Elves. 

By 15,500 BTLS the 500 Year War ended, with generations of elves ending a war most of them had forgotten the reason for it even being started. With the war over, the 12 Clans were even more separated, ideologically and emotionally, than ever before. 


Although the 500-Year War left the Clans of Aoweii torn apart, they still shared a common belief. That belief was in Hana, an elf the Elves of Aoweii worshipped as their goddess. 

What Itarian scribes found was that the historical accounts of Hana varied among the Clans of Aoweii. Some Aoweiinian records stated that Hana was an entity living on Aoweii; and that she was the first elf to breathe on the planet. Other accounts stated she was the first elf of Aoweii and was worshipped until her death which "caused the elves to scatter into different clans". Other accounts mentioned that she was just a normal elf who was chosen by The All Father to be his companion during his travels. 

Grandmaster Kilios of Noplia during his time officiated that Hana was a mere elf and for reasons unknown became deified by the Aoweiinians, making her a legendary figure to the elves. 


At the start of 108 BTLS, sisters Elana and Oriana of the Red-Tip Elves were married off into different clans. Elana married the heir to the Grey Elves Clan while Oriana married the heir to the Sea Elves Clan. The marriage established the Red-Tip Elves as a dominant player in resource trading and made the sister's father a political beast amongst clan leaders. However, a few months later war would break out. 

The Grey Elves were already having problems with the Sea Elves before the marriages, and months after both weddings of the sisters, the Sea Elves launched a land attack on one of the Grey Elves' coastal settlements. Both husbands of Elana and Oriana were killed during the battle, and the sisters blamed each other for it. This started the War of Sisters.

For the next three years, the Clans of Aoweii were at war again. Elana was able to gather most of the clans to her side while Oriana brought to her side the Red-Tip Elves. By the summer of 105 BTLS, Elana came out victorious. Her father was overthrown and her sister was sent to live with the Silent Elves. This was the last major skirmish between the clans until the Itarians invaded almost 400,000 years later. 


Years after the first cycle started, leaders of the Twelve Clans of Aoweii met under the three moons and founded The Order of Hana. In 351 DTLS C1 (During The Long Sleep, Cycle 1), one girl from each clan was selected to be trained as the most skilled fighters on all of Aoweii. These twelve girls were meant to become women who would keep the peace between clans. 

And it worked, The Order of Hana kept the peace between clans and kept Aoweii away from ever going back to the 500-Year War era that killed millions. 

When the Itarian's invaded, the Order of Hana was disbanded for security reasons after the War of the Worlds. They were reformed again in the 8th cycle. 


The winter of 444,469 DTLS C5 ( During The Long Sleep, Cycle 5) changed everything for the Clans of Aoweii. The Itarian Emperor Vorza had just finished conquering the planet Fargulk. Itarian scouts were sent out to see if other planets were nearby. They reported back months later that they had found a decent-sized planet, with three moons. 

The Itarians set course to this planet with a small invasion force. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere, they were in awe of how beautiful it was. It resembled Itarus with its landscapes and habitable air. The small invasion force encountered the natives near a river bank. These "natives' were members of the River Clan. Itarian soldiers slaughtered the elves, but one escaped. This elf told his chieftain what had happened. He spoke of "blue-skinned, red-eyed devils coming from the sky". 

The chief of the River Clan sent word to the other chieftains and they discussed what to do. As the chieftains argued, Emperor Vorza was already on his way with Moordenaar. He arrived and immediately torched portions of Aoweii's land, making lots of the elves flee their homes. This shock and awe tactic was used by the Itarians to make a planet submit quickly. But with the Aoweiinians, it did the opposite. 



When Vorza arrived on Moordenaar, the Clans of Aoweii were ready. The Itarian military was not prepared for a large force to meet them. This sparked the War of the Worlds. 

For the next eight years, the 12 Clans of Aoweii fought alongside each other against the Itarians. Faragan, chieftain of the Fire Elves and ancestor to Morgana, led the clans against the Itarians. The Clans chose Faragan because he was the only chieftain everyone trusted. 

The War of the Worlds between Itarus and Aoweii saw much of the Itarians military force depleted in the first year. They weren't used to having to fight an army of equal size and were not prepared for the tools the Aoweiinians used in their offensives and defenses. 

Vorza could have easily ended the war with Moordenaar, but he admired the resilience the elves showed. By 444,477 DTLS, the Itarians began to win the war. Leaders of the other clans betrayed Faragan and offered him up to Emperor Vorza as a tribute to end the war. Instead of killing only Faragan, Vorza ordered Faragan and his betrayers executed as well. 

The end of the War of the Worlds brought forth the submission of Aoweii and the planet was added to the Itarian Empire. New chieftains were allowed to be selected and for the next 400,000 years, Aoweii became a satellite state for Itarus. 


After the War of the Worlds, the next 400,000 years saw the clans of Aoweii live in complete subjugation. Their Itarian overlords ruled the planet and set up Itarian cities, educational monasteries, and military training centers.


As citizens of the empire, the elves were allowed to partake in Itarian studies. Generations of elves were taught by Itarian scribes stationed on Aoweii. Many elves frowned upon their kin learning from invaders, but one elf saw it as an opportunity.  

A young Fire Clan elf named Kronakgin, descendant of Faragan, and ancestor to Morgana, was against the Itarian occupation but understood that learning from them could be used for Aoweiinian independence. After the War of the Worlds, Faragan's line was ousted and the new Fire Elf chieftain was a devoted shill to the Itarians. By the time of Kronakgin, the chieftain for the Fire Elves was just as devoted to the Itarians as ever. 

Kronakgin traveled amongst the other worlds, seeing how the Itarian empire was in decline. He brought this knowledge back to Aoweii, where he told others. He was imprisoned for a few years for spreading anti-itarian propaganda. He was eventually released and once again started gathering supporters and elves who were tired of Itarian occupation. 

Towards the middle of the 8th cycle, around 755,676 DTLS C8, Kronakgin, and his supporters attacked an Itarian military outpost on Aoweii. That same night, they stormed the Itarian governor's building of that region. Kronakgin declared Aoweii free of Itarian occupation and more elves rallied to him.


The Itarian emperor at that time, Emperor Maezor XXVII, sent more Itarian troops to Aoweii to stop the uprising and arrest Kronakgin, but Kronakgin had already fled the planet. He traveled to multiple different worlds to garner support for a multi-planetary rebellion. 


By 755,677 DTLS C8, Aoweii, Fargulk, Kaasiar, and Rashalon were in open rebellion against the Itarian empire. The Battle of Rebels took place on Aoweii, with people from Fargulk, Kaasiar, and Rashalon fighting alongside the Clans of Aoweii. This defining battle was won by the Elves of Aoweii and their allies. 


After the battle, Itarians were kicked out of Aoweii. Emperor Maezor XXVII recalled all his troops from Fargulk, Rashalon, and Kaasiar as well. Aoweii, Fargulk, Rashalon, and Kaasiar were now free and independent.  

Kronakgin was named the new chieftain of the Fire Elves and restored the line of Faragan, but he knew things across Aoweii still needed to change. In 755,681, Kronakgin met with the other chieftains and made the case for Aoweii to be one unified planet. He called for the clans to become one so that no invasion or subjugation would ever happen again. 

In 755,682 Kronakgin became the first High Chief of Aoweii. The great unification of all the clans brought forth a capital city called Hanan. It was built where The Battle of the Rebels took place and symbolized Aoweiinian freedom from Itarus. 


After the Great Unification, the Elves of Aoweii lived as one for thousands of years. It wasn't until The All Father woke up in the 9th cycle that civil war broke out on Aoweii. 

Most of the Grey Elves started to believe that The All Father was the true god and should be worshipped, not Hana. This led to the elves splitting amongst each other. Hanan, the capital city of Aoweii, was attacked by Grey Elves, leading to the death of the current High Chief. 

The Civil War was quick, with the Aoweiinians defeating the Grey zealots and banishing them to one of Aoweii's moons. The Grey Elves banished there renamed the moon to Xarvem, which means 'majesty' in Awar. 


When Corrin and The Allegiance rebelled against The Black Palace and The All Father, Aoweii declared for The Allegiance. With all the worlds in open war against The Black Palace, the Order of Hana led by Morgana joined the war at Corrin's side. 

Aoweii kept its army on-world to defend itself in case the zealots on Xarvem decided to attack. With the help of Emoran, Morgana was able to lead the Order of Hana to many victories against Black Palace strongholds across the universe. 

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