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Itarus was a planet in the Zamox system. It had six moons and one of the largest suns in the universe. It was the fifth planet directly created by The All Father and the Spear of Space. Around 534,000-523,000 BTLS (Before The Long Sleep) the first inhabitants of Itarus emerged, along with the cosmic dragons. 

Itarus was covered with fertile land and deep caverns. The planet had seasonal changes along with long days and short nights. Throughout the planet, rivers could be seen exiting out into the oceans of Itarus. These oceans had an abundance of sea life and fed much of the river cities. Unlike other planets, the inhabitants of Itarus lived in separate kingdoms for the first half of its history.  

These separate kingdoms were scattered all throughout the planet. They could be seen controlling all different regions and were always at war with each other over land disputes. 




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356 local days


900 million









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Zamox system



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Itarian history ranging from the creation of the planet, all the way to the fall of the Itarian Empire, was riddled with war, death, and deception. 

Around 6,129 BTLS, Rozen the Bold tamed the first dragon of Itarus, establishing the tradition of Itarian nobility and wealthy inhabitants of the planet taming and breeding cosmic dragons for their families. 

By 3,300 BTLS, the Itarian city of Noplia was founded. From here, Itarian philosophy, politics, education, and advancements flourished. 

For the next 3,000 years, Itarus grew. 4 major kingdoms dominated the planet. By the time The All Father fell into his long sleep, the Itarians were on the verge of creating a system of time called cycles. 

At the start of the first cycle, Itarus was on the path to forming the Itarian Empire


Before the Itarian Empire was formed, Itarus was plagued with rivaling kingdoms and principalities. These kingdoms were:

The Kingdom of Emez

The Kingdom of Jurnad

The Kingdom of Onas

The Kingdom of Rozenium

The rulers of these kingdoms were ruthless in regard to expanding their borders and territories. Instead of protecting their citizens, the Kings of these kingdoms were more worried about glory and land. 


This sort of mindset led to the first Great Dragon Wars. 

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Throughout Itarus's history, the Great Dragon Wars were sparked by the Kingdoms of Itarus With their cosmic dragons. The wars between these rivaling kingdoms ravaged the lands of Itarus with fire and death. In 776 BTLS, the Kings of Itarus sparked the first Great Dragon War. The war was between:

King Gorvanez of Emez

King Torzax of Jurnad

King Orinez of Onas

King Rozen XVI of Rozenium

The first Great Dragon War was about which kingdom would rule all of Itarus. The war started as land disputes due to the Kingdom of Emez having more land. 

For the next 120 years, the first Great Dragon War raged on. By 656 BTLS, the war was over. Descendants of the Kings who started the war entered a truce after much of the planet had been laid to waste. Queen Rozaria, descendant of King Rozen XVI, initiated the truce between the Kingdoms of Emez, Jurnad, Onas, and Rozenium. The Treaty of Rozen was put into effect which divided Itarus equally for the 4 kingdoms.


But in 64 BTLS, 632 years after the signing of the Treaty of Rozen, the Kingdom of Emez broke the treaty by invading the Kingdom of Jurnad. By the summer of 64 BTLS, all 4 kingdoms of Itarus were once again in open war.


The second Great Dragon War ended in 42 BTLS. Soldiers and citizens ended up revolting against the nobles and Itarian kings. The King of Emez and his dragon Sornuz were murdered by the soldiers and citizens of Emez. This resulted in the Kingdoms of Emez and Jurand being divided into smaller principalities for the Kingdoms of Onas and Rozenium. 


For the next 800 years, Itarus thrived until the death of King Rozen XXVI. His death caused turmoil in his kingdom. With no heir, the mighty Kingdom of Rozenium for the first time became vulnerable. The Kingdom of Onas took advantage of the situation and during the winter of 80 DTLS C1 (During The Long Sleep, Cycle 1), the Kingdom of Onas invaded Rozenium, sparking the third Great Dragon War.

From 802-998 DTLS C1, the third Great Dragon War raged on. Prince Lorenz, brother of King Rozen XXVI, led what was left of Rozeniums armies against the Kingdom of Onas. The war lasted for 196 years, with Itarus once again divided into smaller Kingdoms and principalities. The mighty Kingdom of Rozenium lost much of its territory and land, falling off the pedestal as one of the major Kingdoms across the planet. 

The end of the third Great Dragon War saw Itarus enter into an era of peace for the next 143,202 years. It wasn't until 144,125 DTLS C2 that the kingdoms and principalities across Itarus were at war once again. The fourth Great Dragon War ended in 144,200 DTLS C2 with the Kingdom of Onas falling. It was divided into smaller principalities.  


The early inhabitants of Itarus founded the city in Noplia in 3,300 BTLS, making it one of the oldest cities in the entire universe.  Noplia became the beacon of Itarian civilization. Noplia was the home of the Scribes of Noplia as well. The scribes were comprised of the best and brightest minds on Itarus.


These scribes focused on scientific teaching and recorded the history of Itarus. In the Citadel of the Scribes, all Itarian knowledge was kept safe. Here, Grandmaster Kilios in the 5th cycle created the carrier ships that would transport the Itarian Empire's forces across the stars. 

In 777 BTLS, a band of outlaws comprising of exiled soldiers from the Itarian kingdoms sacked the city. The outlaws burned the city down, with much of Itarus's knowledge being lost in the fires. Construction to rebuild the city didn't start until 82 BTLS and was completed in 30 BTLS.


The rebuilding of Noplia saw Itarus advance at an accelerated rate. The 4 Kingdoms of Itarus designated Noplia as the center for Itarian laws and customs to be made. But in 144,123 DTLS C2, King Vaniz of Onas committed a massacre of the city. King Vaniz wanted his marriage nullified. The scribes argued against it, citing that such a nullification could launch the planet into another Great Dragon War. King Vaniz ordered his men to storm the city of Noplia and kill as many scribes as they could. This act of violence became the catalyst for the fourth Great Dragon War.  



Towards the end of the 8th cycle, the Itarian Empire was in serious decline. By the start of the 9th cycle, when The All Father woke up from The Long Sleep, the current Itarian Emperor ordered the Itarian military to attack The All Father. This mistake was the official end of the Itarian Empire.

From then on, Itarus was assimilated into The All Father's planetary kingdom and fell in line under the banner of The Black Palace. Many Itarians were scattered across the universe when the empire fell and have yet to find their way home to Itarus. 

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