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The Itarian Empire was the post-scattered kingdom period of Itarus. It included all the planets of the universe with territorial holdings in the Faoder Sector. From the accession of Vorza as the first Itarian emperor to a military dictatorship in the sixth cycle, then back to following the bloodline of Vorza, its sole capital was always Itarus. For four cycles (400,000 years), the Itarian Empire dominated all life across the stars until its fall at the start of the ninth cycle.

Due to the Itarian Empire's vast extent and long endurance, the institutions and culture of Itarus had a profound and lasting influence on the development of language, religion, art, architecture, literature, philosophy, and forms of government across the worlds it governed. 





Absolute monarchy






Itarus had been at war with itself since its creation Before The Long Sleep (BTLS). Itarus was a planet with scattered kingdoms and principalities, with provinces administered by those selected by whoever was king of that region. 

Itarus suffered from ongoing internal conflict such as The Great Dragon Wars, while drastically making advancements that seemed to only benefit those in power. Towards the middle of the fifth cycle, Vorza successfully rose through the military ranks of the Kingdom of Rozenium.


Vorza was a visionary and dreamer, always believing there was more amongst the stars and other life outside of Itarus. He broke tradition and made The Climb, a symbolic event where one claims their dragon, and only allowed by individuals with noble blood, high status, or ancestral wealth. It was during this event, that Vorza awoke the legendary beast, Moordenaar, a dragon of Itarian myth and folklore.

Vorza rode Moordenaar into space, where Vorza proved to himself that it was possible to leave Itarus. After this, Vorza flew to the castle of King Rovenza XI, his commander and overlord. Here Vorza was denounced, threatened with death for making The Climb, and was almost arrested before fleeing the Kingdom of Rozenium.

Vorza used Moordenaar to leave Itarus to escape persecution. He rode for days and weeks in outer space. He was on the brink of death until he saw a shimmering light in the distance. The light was a planet, with a moon. This discovery cemented Vorza's destiny. 

He flew back to Itarus, where he used Moordenaar in a swift attack to take out all the Itarian Kings. Vorza was able to convince all the militaries from the scattered kingdoms to join him, and with the military and populace of Itarus on his side, Vorza took Itarus without any war or battles.

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After Vorza killed the Itarian Kings and their heirs, the scattered kingdoms and principalities were dissolved and reformed into the Itarian Empire. With Vorza as the sole and absolute leader, he quickly had the Scribes of Noplia brought to him, where he told them his plans to spread "Itarian glory" across the stars.

By 444,468 DTLS C5 (During The Long Sleep, Cycle 5), Scribes of Noplia put together the first-ever space crafts. These space crafts were capable of transporting Vorza's army off-world and across the universe.

The first planets added to the empire were Fargulk, Aoweii, Di, and Ovaseryn. Di and Ovaseryn submitted quickly whereas the giants of Fargulk were seen as a threat due to their size.

In order to subdue the giants of Fargulk, Vorza had his armies laid waste to the planet using their cosmic dragons. After the Fargulkians submitted, the largest amongst them were quickly added to the Itarian military as an invasion force. Others were enslaved and sent to Itarus and other conquered worlds to construct Itarian cities. 

Aoweii was not so easy to conquer. When the Itarians arrived, the twelve clans of Aoweii set aside their differences and united to fight them off. This caused The War of the Worlds. The clans fought hard for eight years before losing to the Itarians. Vorza could have ended the war sooner with Moordenaar but he admired the elves of Aoweiii, their prowess, and the beauty of the planet. The twelve chieftains of Aoweii were executed after the war and Aoweii turned into a satellite state for Itarus. As Itarus expanded and grew in technological advancements, the elves grew as well, learning from the Itarian scribes stationed on Aoweii. Towards the end of the eighth cycle, after 400,000 years of subjugation, the elves of Aoweii rebelled and won.

After Vorza's death, his son Rozenvar became the second Itarian Emperor. This started four cycles of descendants of Vorza ruling over Itarus and the universe.

Imperial Itarian titles:


King/Queen of the Universe

Rider of (Dragons name)

Commander of the Dragon Armies

Master of the Stars

These official titles were given to the emperor or empress of Itarus at the time of their coronation. Other titles were added if the ruler did anything title-worthy during their reign.

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By the time of Vorza's death, the Itarian Empire spanned across five fully controlled planets. Trade and universal commerce had been established. At its height, the empire controlled all the known planets in the universe, with Itarus as the empire's established capital.


Scribes of Noplia were sent to the other worlds to set up Itarian educational monasteries. Itarian tech, medicine, and resources were distributed amongst the conquered worlds.

The inhabitants of the conquered worlds were introduced to space travel and were allowed to visit the other worlds on space routes created by the Itarians. As space travel was introduced, the Scribes of Noplia realized other inhabitants were not able to breathe in space like the Itarians. Enclosed space crafts and ships, and breathable space suits, were quickly developed by the Scribes of Noplia, and a new industry of space gear spread across the empire.  

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