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Following the Itarian calendar, the history of the universe was split into three separate eras in regard to The All Father's long sleep. These three eras were classified as Before The Long Sleep, During The Long Sleep, and After The Long Sleep. The Scribes of Noplia also began recording history in increments of 100,000 years. These increments were called cycles. 

Before The Long Sleep - (BTLS) was the era when The All Father was born, created The Black Palace, Ovaseryn, Fargulk, Di, Itarus, and Aoweii. All the planets of the universe were later created Before The Long Sleep. It is also the era when The All Father traveled to each planet in the universe and was worshipped by early inhabitants of those worlds. 

During The Long Sleep - (DTLS) was the era when The All Father was asleep and absent. This era lasted for 800,000 years or 8 cycles. At the beginning of The Long Sleep, the Scribes of Noplia established the Itarian calendar which recorded the history of the universe in 100,000-year increments. One cycle equaled 100,000 years.

One Cycle = 100,000 years

During The Long Sleep:

1st Cycle - 0-100,000 (ex. 543 DTLS C1)

2nd Cycle - 100,00-200,000 (ex. 110,543 DTLS C2)

3rd Cycle - 200,000-300,000 (ex. 210,543 DTLS C3)

4th Cycle - 300,000-400,000 (ex. 310,543 DTLS C4)

5th Cycle - 400,000-500,000 (ex. 410,543 DTLS C5)

6th Cycle - 500,000-600,000 (ex. 510,543 DTLS C6)

7th Cycle - 600,000-700,000 (ex. 610,543 DTLS C7)

8th Cycle - 700,000-800,000 (ex. 710,543 DTLS C8)

After The Long Sleep - (ATLS) was the era when The All Father woke up. His slumber ended at the start of the 9th cycle, transitioning Itarian calendars from During The Long Sleep (DTLS) to After The Long Sleep (ATLS). During this era, Corrin was born and the war for the universe between The All Father and Corrin began. 


After The Long Sleep:

9th Cycle - 800,000-900,000 (ex. 810,543 ATLS C9)

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