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When The All Father started using the power of the Spear of Space, he created his first planet. Since it was his first time, the planet was misshapen and disfigured.


The All Father knew his creation wasn’t complete so he then made an enormous clearing on the planet’s landscape and laid the first foundation of his new home. He built upon this foundation a grand palace that was black as night. 


The palace was gargantuan with its sharp towers reaching outside the planet’s atmosphere into space. On the top of the palace was The All Father’s throne. The throne gave him a clear bird’s eye view of his entire universe.


Finally satisfied, The All Father called his new home The Black Palace. The Black Palace was the official home base of The All Father and capital planet of his universal empire.


After the All Father’s initial conquest of the Universe he brought back grand spoils of war. Treasures, customs, knowledge, cultures, and teachings all came to the halls of the Black Palace.


The peoples who lived there enjoyed these new rewards greatly, since they rarely leave The Black Palace and have new experiences. The All Father felt The Black Palace itself needed a revitalization to celebrate his conquests.


He commissioned the finest stonemasons of Vaxlier to come to the Black Palace and renovate it to his true vision. In return they would be paid handsomely and offered sanctuary in The Black Palace if they choose.


The Black Palace was renovated quickly, only taking about 8 years to complete, which was unheard of for a building of its size. The Palace now featured grander and taller towers, mile long war banners, reinforced outer walls, grand stain glass windows, golden accents on every edge, and much more!

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