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Dated by Itarian scribes to have been formed sometime between 420,000-110,000 BTLS (Before The Long Sleep), Kkooddrraa was considered the junkyard of the universe. 

When the Itarians began their expeditions across the stars in the 5th cycle, they discovered many planets throughout their expansive empire needed a place to house their junk and criminals. 

When Kkooddrraa was discovered in the 7th cycle, the Itarian Empire thought it was a moon at first. Upon landing on the surface they found the planet a barren waste land. Most of the planet was covered in sand and rock, with a small ocean that veined out into a few rivers. After further exploration, the Itarians found no sign of intelligent life or past civilization. 

The barren planet was orbited by two moons. Since it was located in the Davos system, the two suns constantly shown down on the soon to be junkyard, criminally inhabited, world. 




127 hours


567 local days


2.2 million


Davos 1

Davos 2


Station 1

Station 2


Davos system


The Itarian Empire quickly made plans to have Kkooddrraa be home to all the junk, criminals, and outcasts of the universe. By 610,329 DTLS C7 (During The Long Sleep, Cycle 7), transport from Telamor began as the first prisoners to be sent to Kkooddrraa. By 610,390 DTLS C7, every planet had sent criminals, junk, and outcasts to the planet. 

The two moons of Kkooddrraa were named Station 1 and Station 2. They served as loading stations for new prisoners. The Itarian empire set up outposts on the two moons where they processed every new criminal coming to the planet. 

Station 1 and Station 2 also served as the planets watchdogs. Itarian soldiers were stationed there to make sure no criminal tried to escape Kkooddraa. Since new junk was being dropped off daily such as building materials, space craft parts, decommissioned ships, etc...the Itarian Empire feared the prisoners would try to build a makeshift craft and flee. To stop this from ever happening, Station 1 and Station 2 were equipped with state of the art blaster systems. 

Life on Kkooddrraa was vicious as well. The Itaians had no ground presence, only above, so the planet was every man, woman, and child for themselves. Tales of Kkooddrraa's lawlessness spread across the universe. Parent's would use Kkooddrraa as a metaphor towards disobedient children. 

The planet became the only place independent under Itarian rule. 


When The All Father woke up in the 9th cycle, Kkooddrraa was still being used as a junkyard prison by all the planets of the universe. 

When the Itarian Empire fell, The Black Palace kept Kkooddrraa designated as it previously was. Station 1 and Station 2 became manned by Black Palace soldiers, and Kkooddrraa remained a prison.

When Corrin traveled to Kkooddrraa in search of people to join The Allegiance, he met with Aklan, the Warlord of Warlords. Upon Corrins plea, prisoners of Kkooddrraa escaped with him to fight in the war for the universe. 

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