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When the universe was forged, the Spears of Time and Space clashed and released an unmeasurable amount of energy.
This energy was called Spear Energy and was the primordial life force of The Old Universe. Unable to be created or destroyed, Spear Energy was spread out throughout the stars and its inhabitants. It was found in the deepest depths of black holes and within a simple grain of sand. Very few were able to detect this energy and even fewer were able to actually use it.

Spear Energy is not only surrounding the Universe, it is also within every living creature. Over the eons, a few races of people discovered they could tap into their Spear Energy and utilize it. Some created new energy sources while others empowered their bodies.
An example of these races is the people of Wan-Ri. These people have learned to use Spear Energy within themselves through their ancient customs of physical training and enlightenment. This grants them amazing abilities such as flight, energy manipulation, enhanced healing, and more!

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