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The third planet directly created by The All Father and the Spear of Space, Fargulk was the largest planet in the universe. Between 581,000-565,000 BTLS (Before The Long Sleep) the first inhabitants of Fargulk emerged, forever being known as giants. 

Fargulk was so big it was able to fit all the planets of the universe inside its mountainous terrain. The planet had occasional periods of drought with most years being covered in heavy rains and vicious storm weather. Throughout the planet, deep trenches could be seen, speculated to be made by the first giants. These trenches eventually filled with water and created Fargulk's oceans while simultaneously forging the eleven continents that would make up Fargulk's landscape.

These eleven continents became the bedrock of Fargulkian civilization. When the Itarian's invaded, seven of the eleven continents were charted and renamed after the Itarian cosmic dragons. Four of the continents remained uncharted and deemed too dangerous to travel. 




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391 local days


34 million



















Tor 2

Tor 3






Zamox System




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Not much is known about Fargulk Before The Long Sleep. Itarian scribes were able to decipher ancient cave paintings that told a story of the early giants chiseling away at the mountains to form the earliest known towns and cities. Itarian scribes put the date of these paintings between 179-210 DTLS C1 (During The Long Sleep, Cycle 1).

These paintings showed homes imbedded with the base and tips of Fargulk's large mountains. Itarian archeologists never found evidence of primitive Fargulkian tools so the academic consensus amongst Itarian scribes was that the giants used their hands to carve away at the mountains. 

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By 143,897 DTLS C2, all of Fargulk erupted into an all-out war. Around this time, the Itarians had not yet invaded so the Fargulkians only had aspects of oral history instead of written. 

Fargulkian folklore states that the war was started over an insult made by a King to another King. The war ended in 144,087 DTLS C2. In a short period, the war had lasting effects which contributed to re-terraforming Fargulk.


The Itarian invasion of Fargulk and the cycles that followed were disastrous for the giants. Emperor Vorza used Moordenaar to lay waste to most of Fargulk in the first Itarian incursion. The giants of Fargulk bravely fought back and were able to withstand the first few waves of Itarian infantry soldiers. But eventually, the cosmic dragons and Itarus's new carrier ships overcame the giants of Fargulk. 

By 444,468 DTLS C5, more than half the population of Fargulk was dead, with the other half enslaved by the Itarians. Unlike other conquered beings who were allowed to live in the Itarian Empire as citizens and keep their cultures and customs, the giants of Fargulk were subjugated to immense cruelty and labor. 

Many giants were sent to Itarus to work on constructing large cities. These cities became the pinnacle of Itarian civilization and glorified the Itarian Empire's conquests across the universe. The giants of Fargulk also built most of the modern structures and cities across the worlds as well. Some 2 billion Fargulkians died during the 400,000-year reign of the Itarian Empire.

By the 7th cycle, the size of the giants had shrunk significantly. The living conditions on Fargulk, and for the Fargulkian slaves living abroad, had a lasting effect on the giants breeding patterns and genetics. The giants of Fargulk referred to this as 'Gone were the Giants of Old'.



After Vorza's conquest of Fargulk, Scribes of Noplia were quickly sent to Fargulk to learn about the planet and to map out the massive world. The spot where Vorza initially landed with Moordenaar was established as the Itarian Empire's main stronghold and was named Vorath. Over the years it eventually grew into a large metropolitan city. Other cities across Fargulk were erected as well. Vorzia and Itaron were commissioned to be built by Vorza's son after his death, in memory of his father. 

The scribes began mapping out the planet in 444,669 DTLS C5 and by 444,670 DTLS C5, the first continent had been explored. It was named Moordenaar, after Vorza's dragon. Dragons were used to fly across the planet, pointing out that Fargulk had 11 different continents. By 445,110 DTLS C5, 7 of the continents had been explored, mapped out, and named after the Itarian emperor's dragons. Around 455,780 DTLS C5, the exploration of the 4 remaining continents was called off by Empress Greiza due to many Itarian scribes disappearing and dragons being lost. Fargulkian legend states that the original giants of Fargulk live in the uncharted continents, and one day will return.

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Vorza's conquest of Fargulk instituted a strict no-mercy policy towards the Giants of Fargulk. Any giant that stepped out of line was quickly punished or executed to squash any spark of group dissent. These harsh and cruel tactics still did not stop the Fargulkians from attempting several rebellions. 

A decade after Vorza's death, the first Fargulkian rebellion unfolded. The city of Vorath on Fargulk was attacked by the giants and much of the city was lost in the battle that ensued. The Itarians defeated the rebels and to strike fear into the hearts of the giants, one Fargulkian child across the empire was murdered. 

This horrible act kept Fargulkian dissent dormant for another few decades until another rebellion started. This one was much more unified and was led by Scordian the Elder. Scordian amassed hundreds of Fargulkians to commit small raids on Itarian strongholds across the continent of Moordenaar. These skirmishes lasted for about a year before Scordian was betrayed by his kin and turned over to the Itarians. His body was flown into space still alive. 

Many more rebellions were sparked over the next centuries but were quickly put down. One rebellion that stopped all rebellions until the 8th cycle was called Black Morning. 

The oldest and youngest sons of Emperor Horzavin were killed during a Fargulkian attack on Vorath. Emperor Horzavin was destroyed by the news and secluded himself from public life up to his death. The succession of his second son, Oleva, saw the new Emperor avenge his brothers in what would become known as Black Morning. 

Even though it had been years since his brothers were killed, Emperor Oleva flew into Fargulk in the early hours of the day and torched entire Fargulkian villages and towns. He spent the entire morning burning entire regions to the ground. Itarian scribes were never able to pinpoint the casualties but it was estimated about 3 million giants were killed on Black Morning. Emperor Oleva, after the attack, renamed Gorun, a city of importance to the Giants of Fargulk, to Horazan, in honor of his dead brothers Horzav and Nazan.

Black Morning stopped Fargulkian rebellions for the next few cycles. There were minor uprisings here and there, but they were all put down quickly and swiftly. It wasn't until the 8th cycle when Kronakgin of Aoweii came to Fargulk and pleaded with the giants to fight alongside him. Many Fargulkians were afraid to partake, but one giant, Yundian the Brave, convinced the giants to fight. Yundian the Brave led the Fargulkian forces in The Battle of the Rebels on Aoweii and gained independence for Fargulk. 


The Battle of the Rebels saw the Itarian Empire recall its forces from Fargulk. For the first time since Vorza's invasion, Fargulk was controlled by the giants. Yundian was immediately named King. His reign saw the Fargulkians reclaim their planet. Yundian, with the help of Aoweii, brought home Fargulkian slaves scattered across the universe. The Itarian Empire attempted to stop this, but the recent war left Itarus's military severely depleted, something the empire never recovered from and directly contributed to its downfall. 

King Yundian was advised by his men and council to rename all the continents and cities but King Yundian refused. He wanted the Itarian names to remain, so that every Fargulkian alive, and yet to be born, could remember Fargulkian struggle, and victory. 

King Yundian's reign also was met with heavy grievances and passionate calls for war against Kaasiar. Many of King Yundians generals, and Fargulkian citizens, still felt the pain of the Itarians. Many wanted to launch a full-scale attack and invasion of Itarus. Many more wanted to also invade Kaasiar for refusing to set free Fargulkian slaves that had been forced to cultivate Kaasiar's lands and build its cities. But King Yundian disagreed with more war. He instead focused on building Fargulkian cities, schools, and defenses. For the remainder of his life, King Yundian was revered across the universe and feared on Itarus. 

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King Yundians bloodline ruled Fargulk until the awakening of The All Father. When The All Father landed on Fargulk, Yundian's descendant, King Tribro, handed over the Kingdom of the Giants to the yielder of the Spear of Space. By the start of the 9th cycle, The All Father quickly enlisted the Giants of Fargulk as the first soldiers of the Black Palace Military. Together, they traveled from planet to planet, building The All Father's planetary kingdom. But many giants vowed to never be ruled by an outside ruler ever again.

Factions of the Fargulkian military deserted and moved deep into the mountains of Fargulk, hiding away out of sight until it was time to once again rise and fight tyranny. 

These forces were led by General Scibro. When the division between Corrin and The All Father happened, General Scribro and his forces traveled to Arcadia where they joined The Allegiance

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