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Dive into the many worlds within The Old Universe. From the green valleys of Kaasiar, to the vast oceans of Yres, each planet has individual biomes, lore, and histories. Click a Star System below to read more about the planets of The Old Universe.

Zamox System


Named after Zaman and Nox(The All Father), the Zamox System was the first system in the universe. Before The Long Sleep, The All Father used the Spear of Space to create a sun. Afterwards he used the spear to form Ovaseryn, Di, Fargulk, Itarus, and Aoweii. These planets were directly created by The All Father and were the first worlds amongst the cosmos. 

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AOWEII (2) (1).png
Di (1) (1).png
FARGULK (2) (1).png
ITARUS (1) (1).png
OVASERYN (2) (1).png


Rayon Prime System

Host to seven habitable, and inhabitable worlds, the Rayon Prime System belongs to Rashalon, Gorkon, Yres, Pugart, Nyla, Jargun-Ba, and Braroclyn. The name Rayon comes from an Itarian scribe who discovered the system towards the middle of the 5th cycle. 

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Hanroh (1).png


Jargun-Ba (1).png
Nyla (1).png
Pugart (1) (1).png
HighresScreenshot00017 (2) (1).png
YRES (1).png



Davos System

After abdicating the Itarian throne and joining the Scribes of Noplia, Davos went on an expedition past the Rayon Prime System, discovering a new planet. From here, the Itarian Empire would conquer Anrach, Halvodon, Kkooddrraa, LweeVeer, Taelvum, Telamor, and Vaxlier. In his honor, the Itarians named this system after the would-be emperor, immortalizing him across the cosmos. 

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Anrach (1).png
HighresScreenshot00059 (1).png


HighresScreenshot00011 (1).png
TAELVUM (1).png
TELAMOR (1).png
VAXLIER (2).png



Mehdias JX7 System

From Kaasiar to Myero, all the way from Scav to Catovaz, the Mehdias JX7 System is home to some of the most robust planets in the universe. Ice worlds, planets with toxic fumes, and birth place of some of the cosmos greatest fighters, the Mehdias JX7 System is a spectacle. Named after an Itarian Emperor's Cosmic Dragon, this system was the last to be discovered by the Itarian Empire. 

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CATOVAZ (1).png
EQOULIS (1).png
KAASIAR (1).png
MYERO (1).png
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SCAV_NEW (1).png
WAN-RI (1).png
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