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Itarian scribes place the formation of Jargun-Ba between 420,000-110,000 BTLS (Before The Long Sleep). The ringed planet was in the Rayon system and had 2 moons before The Crash. 

Not much is known about Jargun-Ba's terrain before The Crash. Itarian scribes theorized that the planet must have been decently habitable since it had people and living organisms. 




11 hours


120 local days


11 million before the moon crashing/
unknown after the moon crashing


Rayon Prime


(before the crash)



Rayon System





Around 410,590 DTLS C5 (During The Long Sleep, Cycle 5), one of Jargun-Ba's moons fell out of orbit and crash-landed into the planet, launching parts of the planet into space and creating a massive ash cloud that covered the planet in darkness for centuries. Itarian scribes estimated that more than half the population of Jargun-Ba was lost in the initial impact, and over the next few hundred years millions more died due to freezing conditions and lack of food. 

The Scribes of Noplia added in their findings that life on Jargun-Ba was completely transformed after the ash cloud from the impact had cleared. Toxic fumes from the planet's core had terraformed the planet into a seemingly uninhabitable world. Plant life, animals, and people alike were vicious and deformed. The planet was almost designated a dead planet until the Itarians discovered inhabitants unaffected by the toxic fumes. 


When the Itarians arrived in the 5th cycle they found Jargun-Ba consumed with toxic fumes. The rain was acid and there were limited areas of drinkable water. Most of the inhabitants had turned to savagery and were riddled with disease from the fumes. The Scribes of Noplia recorded severe disfigurement and massive brain trauma was widespread across the planet due to the toxic fumes from the planet's core. But they also found inhabitants unaffected by the fumes.

In 444,520 DTLS C5, relocation of Jargun-Ba's unaffected survivors commenced. The closest habitable world was Pugart but the Itarian governors of Pugart pleaded with the Emperor to not bring the refugees there. Pugart was already a desert world with limited resources and the governors did not want more work on their hands. The second closest habitable world was Yres, but the Kingdoms of Yres had a treaty with Itarus to leave Yres as pristine as they found it, in return they would aid the empire in free trade and war against other worlds if needed. 

Attempting to relocate the unaffected survivors of Jargun-Ba turned into a refugee crisis for the Itarian Empire. Itarian governors on occupied worlds did not want more mouths to feed. In 444,520 DTLS C5, Emperor Vorza traveled to Jargun-Ba on dragon-back. Upon his arrival, he noticed a string of asteroids near the planet. He quickly had the best minds on Itarus and across the empire come together to build a living colony on the asteroids. Fargulkian slaves were brought over on carrier ships to assist in the building and by 444,525 DTLS C5, the first asteroid colony was completed. 

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