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Echoes of the Crash: The Aftermath of Jargun-Ba’s Catastrophic Moonfall

Welcome to The Halcyon Daze! My name is Deno Wynn and I’m taking all my Cosmic Nomadics, old and new, on a journey across the universe to explore all the nooks and crannies. We’re going to root out the nibblers, run with pirates, and unveil the secret truths The Surface Chronicler glosses over in their propaganda. 

Last time, we had a little sit down with our guide to Jargun-Ba. Ka’vex is an intense guy, but I trust him with my life. I sort of have to since otherwise I’d probably get eaten or turned to mush by the toxic atmosphere on Jargun-Ba.

The Catastrophic Crash

We’re heading planetside as I write this, sitting in Ka’vex’s ship and dropping to the surface. Per my request, Ka’vex is flying past the crash site of Grater. Brief history lesson, around 410,000 DTLS C5 one of Jargun-Ba’s two moons crashed into the planet. No one has been able to determine why the moon crashed, but it had catastrophic consequences for the planet and its inhabitants, which makes sense. Giant hunks of rock flying into planets are a bad thing. What do you think caused the moon to crash? Let me know in the comments below!

Scientists have determined from observing similar cosmic events that Grater falling likely changed the tidal forces on the planet as it was falling. This probably created tidal waves that washed over low-lying areas for possibly hundreds of miles along the coasts. Additionally, as the moon broke the atmosphere it likely made something like a sonic boom, causing a blast wave to reverberate through the skies before the main body even made contact with the planet itself.

Based on the size of the crater, it’s speculated that Grater crashed with the force of tens of thousands of Black Palace Military bombardments. Possibly even coming close to the force of a beam from the All Father wielding the Spear of Space. The resulting cloud would cover the skies of the planet and sink the world into an ice age.

That all sucks, but it’s not even the worst thing that happened. 

Birth of Cyanochaos Vapor

All the planets have little things that make them unique from anywhere else, and Jargun-Ba is no different. But the other planets haven’t had their moon fall from the sky. Between the unique elements on Jargun-Ba, the impact of the crash, and a whole slew of chemical reactions that happened in a fraction of a second another substance was born.

This substance is called cyanochaos vapor (CV).

I talked about this before in a previous blog, but the short story is that this shit is crazy toxic and causes wild mutations of biological matter. It also changed weather patterns and caused multitudes of abnormal oddities around the entire planet. In this way, Jargun-Ba has become unique among the other planets in the universe for its environment alone. We’ll get into all that in other blogs. The short version is that this stuff can turn a perfectly normal, sane person into a mutated, homicidal maniac. Once the process starts it can’t be stopped or reversed. There are people called Nulls that are immune to the effects, like Ka’vex, but since I don’t know if I’m immune or not I have to wear a full-coverage protective suit most of the time or this blog might end a lot sooner than I’d hope.

There’s also this theory that there’s more to CV than just the weird chemical elements that make it up. This kind of goes into conspiracy territory, but if The Surface Chronicler would call it crazy that actually makes me think it a lot more likely. 

Anyway, the theory goes that inside the planets there’s a well of Spear Energy from when the All Father made the planets. When Grater crashed it kind of broke the well of Spear Energy and it got mixed up with everything else going on and caused CV to spring up. I don’t know enough about anything to say whether it’s true or false, but it’s an interesting theory either way.

Ka’vex is flying us past the crater right now. It’s completely covered in the wildest shades of green and purple from the forest growing in the basin. The edges form a circle of amazing looking mountains reaching up into the sky. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. It’s crazy how something so destructive can turn into something so gorgeous. 

We haven’t even landed yet and I can already tell I’m going to learn a lot coming here. I was always told Jargun-Ba was a dead planet, but it’s not. There’s life here. Dangerous life, but still life. Just because it’s different from what we’re used to seeing doesn’t make it any worse. No cities are taking over the planet or vast amounts of industry, just a planet healing from something bad that happened long ago. Jargun-Ba is shrouded in mystery, and every moment here feels like stepping into the unknown. What secrets does this world hold?

Ka’vex still hasn’t agreed to let me meet any native Jargunians. I think he’s still waiting to see if I’ll be a safe person for them. I’d like to think I am, but I won’t push him. I’m here to explore, learn new things, and show them to all the Cosmic Nomadics reading right now. If he doesn’t think I should meet them then I’ll accept that. Just coming here is something most people will never get to do, so I’m lucky already. 

We’re making our descent now. Ka’vex says I have to strap in and hold on tight. Stay tuned for more as we delve deeper into the mysteries of Jargun-Ba. There’s more to come everyone.

Deno Wynn

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Jun 20

RIP Jargun-Ba😭

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Jargun-Ba isn't dead. She's just sleeping and biding her time.

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