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At the time of their birth, Aoweiinian girls are baptized in the waters of Hanan. By the time they can stand, they are sent off to rigorously train in the outskirts of Aoweii. If they make it to their tenth year, they would have the honor to be possibly chosen as one out of twelve members of The Order of Hana. 






The Order of Hana is one of Aoweii's oldest, and most sacred traditions. The elves formed the order in the early cycles as a way for the clans to live in peace with one another. By the time the clans unified in the Eight Cycle, The Order of Hana became Aoweii's most elite force. 

Consisting of twelve women, The Order of Hana is extremely hard to get into and is a lifelong obligation. One girl from each clan every generation is selected after surviving deadly tests to become one of the twelve. 

The name comes from the elf Goddess Hana, who is considered a deity on Aoweii and the most revered elf across the planet. In Aoweiinian culture, it is customary to name girls with a name that ends with an A. Throughout the entire history of the order, no member has ever been a part of it whose name did not end with A. 

Trained in multiple styles of combat and weapons, few could beat The Order of Hana in single combat. As a unit, they are close to unstoppable. They are trained in espionage, can speak almost every language across the universe, and when they hide their ears, can blend in with about any society or planet. 

The order in its early days was specifically for Aoweiinian issues on-world. But after the Itarian invasion, the unification of the clans, and the return of The All Father, Aoweii made it a top priority to have its most elite force be able to withstand any threat.

As the power of The Black Palace settled across the universe, and with Aoweii as an unwilling member of The All Father's planetary kingdom, the elves became reclusive and closed off. The Order of Hana was never allowed to leave Aoweii due to fear of The Black Palace, and because of its mortal enemy, Xarvem.

After the Aoweiinian civil war, many elves were exiled and moved to the moon Xarvem, where they created a cult-like society in worship of The All Father. These elves knew of how capable The Order of Hana was and proceeded to create their elite task force, Wretched Ones of the Path. 

Ever since then, the order has been solely focused on defending Aoweii against raids from Xarvem and the Wretched Ones. But by the time Corrin and The All Father were at war, The Order of Hana's current leader decided it was time for Aoweii to once again help the planets of the universe gain their independence. 

Under the leadership of Morgana, and with the help of Emoran, The Order of Hana joined The Allegiance. Together they showed the universe that the time to fight was now!

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