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One of the earliest planets invaded by the Itarian Empire in the 5th cycle, Rashalon was placed by Itarian scribes to have been formed between 420,000-110,000 BTLS (Before The Long Sleep)

Located in the Rayon prime system, Rashalon was a grand planet with humble beginnings. The early inhabitants were simple nomads roaming the lands until the first ancient Rasho house was founded. This house took the duty of transforming the nomadic peoples into a unified kingdom.

The planet featured a diverse mix of many cliffsides, caverns, and lush open fields. Rashalon also had a large rich ocean southwest of its mainlands. The oceans feed into many bays and wetlands.

The native wildlife also flourished, with the native Vasari dominating the plains and outnumbering the Rasho people four to one.




25 hours


365 local days


1.6 billion




Rayon Prime





Rayon system



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The people of Rashalon respected and treated the wildlife of their world well. They especially revered the majestic Vasari.

The Vasari was a native creature. It stood on all fours and could move extremely fast. The ancient nomadic peoples tamed the Vasari and roamed the great plain lands with them. They were so respected and admired that this tradition is still alive and well today. Rasho people were expected to ride and control a Vasari by the time they were young adults.


In the 5th cycle, the legendary Itarian emperor, Vorza, landed on Rashalon with his cosmic dragon, Moordenaar.

The Rasho took notice of this and recognized the grand power and might of his dragon. They saw this as a blessing and welcomed Vorza as an ally. Vorza was surprised that a foreign people would be so welcoming. He accepted their generosity and formed a great alliance with Rashalon.

Since then, Rashalon became one of the first territories of the Itarian Empire. They reaped many benefits as the empire grew. The might and power Rashalon gained almost rivaled the capital planet of Itarus itself!



The House of Delshire was a Rasho noble house, and previously the reigning house of Rarshath. Since its founding in 275,678 DTLS C3, there have been thousands of Rasho monarchs of the House of Delshire.
In 275,678 DTLS C3, Dotrimin Delshire and his wife Menophia led their nomadic people into the northern woods of Rarshath. There, a settlement was built which would become Delshire. By the time of his death, Dotrimin had successfully built a lasting home for his family and people. Dotrimin passed leadership to his son who became King Dormin I, making the start of a long-ruling period by the Delshire Royal House.

Continent: Rarshath

Founded: 275,678 DTLS C3

Founder: Dotrimin Delshire

Current head: Duke Jahgros Delshire

King Dormin I 2.jpg


The Krentan family was an aristocratic family on Rashalon. From the 3rd cycle, its members have held numerous titles including the dukedom of Krentan, the earldoms of SorenHall, and the Tydin barony. Two prominent members of the family during the Itarian Era were Duke Mil’Mer Krentan and Alana, Princess of Delshire.

The House was founded in 289,113 DTLS C3 by Lanet Krentan, from whom all members descend. Lanet Krentan was ordered by the King of Rarshath to survey the lowlands. Lanet reported what he found and was given way to establish a settlement. The next few cycles saw the establishment grow into a prominent area, with the House of Krentan as the lands overlords. The House of Krentan was always loyal to the royal House of Delshire, even during wartime, and rumors of Krentan blood being successors to the throne.

Continent: Rarshath

Founded: 289,113 DTLS C3

Founder: Lanet Krentan

Current head: Duchess Evel’yn Krentan

Lanet Krentant 2.jpg


The House of Olos was an Asha family and one of the leading noble families in Rarshath during the Itarian Era. Its most famous member was Gorwin Olos, husband to Empress Carlenza of Itarus.

Olos, after whom the family is named, was the chief of a large tribe in Eastern Rarshath known as the Shans. As the Delshire Royal House expanded its territories, the House of Krentan was decreed to take all lands east of the Asha Hills in the name of King Dotrimin IV. This sparked the War of Expansion. The Shans fought the Krentan bannermen diligently, holding off advancements and keeping their land for seven years.

The war finally ended with King Dotrimin IV offering Olos titles, money, and land holdings in East Rarshath. In 297,654 DTLS C3, the House of Olos was established, with the titles of Count and Duke granted.

Continent: Rarshath

Founded: 297,654 DTLS C3

Founder: Olos

Current head: Duke Orlorwin Olos

Olos 2.jpg


The Forenheim family was a Rasho dynasty that originated as a clan of Vasari herders in Southwest Rarshath. The titles of baron and later count were granted towards the end of the 3rd cycle after the War of the Hills.

The first member of the House of Forenheim was Jy’lessia Forenheim, who married Prince Hyman of the royal House of Delshire. Her marriage elevated the Forenheims to nobility. When Hyman became King of Rarshath, the Forenheims were granted holdings in the South West and designated as the Lords of Forenheim.
In 299,170 DTLS C3, the House of Forenheim was officially designated a noble house across Rarshath.

Continent: Rarshath

Founded: 299,170 DTLS C3

Founder: Jy’lessia Forenheim

Current head: Duke Fran’Mert Forenheim


The House of Toren was a dynasty of largely Rarshath origin. They descended from the Torens of Forenheim and Vy’ctoria of SorenHall. The Toren monarchs ruled Vasariland and its realms, including holdings in South Ashaland and islands near North Ashaland.

The Toren family rose to power and started the Toren dynasty in the wake of the War of the Hills (299,385 - 299,395 DTLS C3). The Torens of Forenheim were an aristocratic family connected with the House of Forenheim in South-West Rarshath. From this family arose Earl Grayson Toren, a military leader of noble birth who served Lord Forenheim.

During the War of the Hills, Grayson Toren murdered his Lord and assumed control of Forenheim, declaring himself King of Rarshath. This made all the other Houses align against him, forcing Grayson Toren and his kin to flee Rarshath. Grayson Toren and his kin took to the seas, bringing along with them more than half of Forenheim’s military forces. The Torens landed on a new continent, full of grasslands, Vasari’s, and natives Asha’s(later Rasho’s). The Torens took over the entire continent and renamed it Vasariland, establishing the House of Toren in 299,399 DTLS C3.

By 299,400 DTLS C3, the House of Toren became the Royal House of Toren, reigning over Vasariland for the next few cycles.

Continent: Vasariland

Founded: 299,399 DTLS C3

Founder: Grayson Toren

Current head: Duke Bachlan Toren

King Grayson 2.jpg


At the start of the 9th cycle when The All Father woke up from The Long Sleep, Rashalon was one of the richest planets in the universe. But without a standing army and only having a small security force, Rashalon submitted to The Black Palace.

By the time the war for the universe started, Rashalon remained neutral but declared for The Allegiance in secrecy. 

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