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The second largest planet in the Mehdias system, Kaasiar was a rich planet in regards to natural resources and fertile land. Itarian scribes placed the formation of Kaasiar between 420,000-110,000 BTLS (Before The Long Sleep)

The green planet with valleys as far as the eye could see out rivaled every other planet with its large plains and forests. The entire planet was covered inch to inch in thick green grass. No region across the world had dry lands. Even the polar ice caps of Kaasair were booming with thick green plants that seemed to withstand the sub-zero weather.

Kaasiar's oceans cover about 25% of the planet, breaking mostly into rivers that are scattered across the green oasis. The early inhabitants of Kaasiar quickly adapted to the planet and made use of its unlimited supply of wood and natural resources. The Kaasians advanced faster than most planets due to their luxurious weather conditions.


Dated by Itarian scribes to have been established between 72,000-68,000 BTLS (Before The Long Sleep), Grenwood was the oldest city in the universe. It outdated the city of Noplia by about 69,000 years. 

Grenwood was the pinnacle of Kaasian civilization. The city started as a campsite for nomadic Kaasians and eventually grew into a metropolitan city with 12 million citizens.


Grenwood was the birthplace of Kaasiar's culture. Kaasian written language, literature, music, teachings, and eventually technological advancements all happened in Grenwood. 

In 459 BTLS a massive fire broke out in the center of the city, consuming most of it. The Kaasians attempted to put out the flames, but eventually, the fire engulfed the entire city. The Kaasians quickly started on reconstruction, but this time out of metal. 

By 4 DTLS C1 (During The Long Sleep, C1), the reconstruction of Grenwood was complete. The entire city was made out of metal. New water filtration systems were added. Homes had air quality control. For the next 700,000 years, Grenwood continued to grow and advance. By the 8th cycle, Kaasiar rivaled Itarus in its achievements. What separated Kaasiar and Itarus was that the Kaasians never thought to look to the stars. Instead of discovering space travel for themselves, the Kaasians were introduced to it when the Itarian Empire invaded. 




32 hours


321 local days


739 million




Mehdias JX7



Sayon 2


Ka 1

Ka 2


Mehdias System





With the advancements coming out of Grenwood, war was inevitable. In 115 DTLS C1, the Valley Wars started. 

Kaasian records state that a Kaasian woman named Rela the Builder began to make claims that she should lead all Kaasians and be Queen of Grenwood. She based her claims on her family being prominent figures in building Grenwood since the fire. Rela had many supporters in Grenwood who wanted her to be Queen, but outside of Grenwood others were making claims as well. 

Manod the Banished, a Grenwood citizen who was cast out of the city in 89 DTLS C1 for being accused of murder, declared himself King of Grenwood. His 20 years of banishment were spent amassing Kaasians living outside of Grenwood, building up a formidable force to attack the city and make it his kingdom. 

By 115 DTLS C1, Manod and his forces attacked Grenwood. Rela and the Kaasians inside Grenwood had received word of Manod's forces planning to attack beforehand and made defensive preparations. Rela was able to repel Manods offensive attacks and attempts to breach the city gates. 

Rela's experience with building and engineering came in handy with Grenwoods defense. She had trenches outside the gates made to stall Manods advancements. In the meantime, Kaasians inside Grenwood were busy building a wall around the city based on her blueprints. By the winter of 115 DTLS C1, Manod and his forces retreated into the countryside. In the spring of 116 DTLS C1, Rela and the Kaasians of Grenwood met Manod and his forces outside the city gates in open war.  


The battle ended with no decisive victor. Manod was killed but the majority of his forces retreated deeper into the valleys of Kaasiar, swearing vengeance on Rela and Grenwood. After the battle, Rela was named Queen of Grenwood and became the city's first monarch. The wall she had constructed was named after her and became known as Relas Wall.  

At the time of her death, Rela's son ascended to the Grenwood seat of power. Rela's death was seen as an opportunity by the descendants of Manod and his forces to once again attack Grenwood. They called themselves the Tresians, after the Tresian forest they lived in. And for the next 600 years, Rela and Manod's descendants fought each other. 

In 756 DTLS C1, the Valley Wars ended with the Queen of Grenwood, a descendant of Rela, marrying the leader of the Tresians, a descendant of Manod. The Tresian leader and Queen of Grenwood were coincidentally named Manod and Rela, as their ancestors. Together they abolished the monarchy in Grenwood, expanded the walls of the city, and laid the groundwork for Kaasiar to have an elective democracy. 

For the next 700,000 years, Kaasiar grew as one people, meeting every 10 years in Grenwood to elect a new ruler of all Kaasians. This lasted all the way up until the Itarian Empire invaded in the 8th cycle. 


Kaasiar was celebrating the election of a new leader when the Itarians invaded in the 7th cycle. In 621,555 DTLS C7, the first Itarian scout ship entered Kaasiars atmosphere. Initial reports back to Itarus were that the planet seemed void of civilization. The Itarians had recently just designated Eqoulis as a dead planet and were ready to leave Kaasiar before the scout ship saw something glimmering in the distance. 

The pilot flew to the glimmering light and almost crashed when he realized it was a building. By 621,555 DTLS C7, Grenwood out-rivaled any city across the universe. Its massive metallic buildings touched the clouds. The area it occupied was larger than any other city across the Itarian Empire. The Kaasians in the 6th cycle began painting their metallic buildings with white-gold paint, making the sun reflect off the walls and giving them a natural glow. 

The Itarian scout pilot was mesmerized by the city and reported back what he saw. The Kaasians below were so busy with the election that they never realized Itarus had just discovered them. 

The Itarian Empire had no knowledge of a well armed, well-trained Kaasian military and made the mistake of returning to Kaasiar with a small ground invasion force. In 621,556 DTLS C7, the Itarian Empire landed on Kaasiar in a field outside of Grenwood. They were immediately spotted and the first Itarian/Kaasian battle unfolded. The Kaasians won after 9 days of bloodshed, making the Itarians flee back to their ships and leave Kaasiar. 


The elected leader of Kaasiar did not take the victory as a solid win. He pointed out how the Itarians came from the sky, their technology to fly, and the material their armor was made out of. Preparations across Kaasiar were quickly made in case of another attack.


The second wave of Itarians came in the summer of 621,556 DTLS C7. As the full might of Itarus's military power was being amassed, a terror unit comprised of warriors from Vaxlier was sent in to commit acts of guerrilla warfare and launch Kaasiar into a frenzy. And it worked. The full Itarian military arrived on Kaasiar in 621,557 DTLS C7 uncontested. By the spring of 621,557 DTLS, the Itarian Empire and Kaasiar were in open war across the entire planet. 


When the winter of 621,558 came around, Itarian generals reported back to Emperor Corvazin XXXXIV that no significant progress had been made. Emperor Corvazin XXXXIV had heard of the beautiful city of Grenwood and wanted to preserve it. But he also wanted the war to be over quickly. 


In 621,559 Emperor Corvazin XXXXIV arrived on dragon-back, along with the Itarian Empire's special forces INFERNO, a unit comprised of dragon riders, and torched Kaasiar. Its green fields quickly caught ablaze and millions on millions of acres of forest were lost overnight. 

The Kaasians quickly surrendered at the sight of the cosmic dragons laying waste to Kaasiar's green valleys. Emperor Corvazin XXXXIV landed his dragon in the center of Grenwood to symbolize that Kaasiar was officially part of the Itarian Empire. 


After the Kaasians submitted to Itarus, changes by the Itarians were quickly made across Kaasiar. The Kaasian army was ordered to be disbanded, and Kaasian soldiers were allowed to enlist in the Itarian Military or return to civilian life on Kaasiar. 

The elective process of selecting a leader was disbanded as well. An Itarian governor was installed by the empire in Grenwood. As life drastically changed for Kaasians now under Itarian occupation, it also opened them up to the entire universe they knew nothing about. 

By this time, the Itarian Empire was very organized. Each star system had a governor overseeing all the planets in that system. With Kaasiar's luxurious conditions, the governor of the Mehdias system made his home on Kaasiar. 

Kaasiar became the Itarian Empires governing planet in the Mehdias system. Representatives from Scav, Wan-Ri, Myero, and Catovaz came to Kaasiar to speak of trade and other important issues. 

For thousands of years, Kaasiar grew as a vital member of the Itarian Empire. The Kaasians learned from Itarian scribes. They learned how to build space crafts, travel safely through space, and build relationships. The Kaasians did all this as loyal citizens of the Itarian Empire, on the surface. 

Secretly, Kaasians were waiting for the right moment to revolt. For thousands of years, the right moment never seem to come. Mostly out of fear for the Itarians cosmic dragons. But in 755,675 DTLS C8, Kronagkin of Aoweii visited Kaasiar. And by 755,677 Kaasiar was in open rebellion against the Itarian Empire with Aoweii, Fargulk, and Rashalon


After The Battle of the Rebels, Kaasiar was liberated from the declining Itarian Empire and reinstated its custom of having an elective democracy. Its military was now a strong force not to be trifled with thanks to the knowledge they learned from the Itarian scribes. 

For the rest of the 8th cycle, Kaasiar lived once again as a free planet until the awakening of The All Father


The All Father's awakening in the 9th cycle brought the Kaasians to their knees. Confronted directly by the Spear of Space, Kaasiar stood no match against The All Father himself. 

The All Father gave the Kaasians the same rules the Itarian Empire before him did. Disband their government. Disband their military. And bend the knee. This time instead of serving the Itarian Empire, the Kaasians would be serving The Black Palace

Kaasiar quickly obliged and submitted to the will of The All Father. Many Kaasian soldiers enlisted in The Black Palace Military With many more rising through the ranks to become commanders. But the full force of Kaasiars military remained on Kaasiar, serving The Black Palace on the surface, while biding their time. 

When Corrin went against The All Father, the Kaasians saw this as the right time to emerge from their state of disgruntled obedience. Under the leadership of General Dalire, the Kaasian military joined The Allegiance in fights for freedom. 

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