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When The All Father woke up from The Long Sleep, the universe was still ruled by the Itarian Empire. A few planets had successfully revolted against the Itarians, freeing themselves from Itarian occupation. But many planets were still living in the shadow of the mighty empire created by Vorza

The All Father's universal decree signaled his official return. As planets quickly fell in line, The All Father realized he would need a military to enforce his rule. Named after The All Father's home world, The Black Palace Military was forged. 


The Black Palace Military was modeled after the Itarian Empire's military. The All Father was impressed with how organized, detailed, and well-structured the Itarians were and formed The Black Palace Military almost the same way.

As the Itarian Empire fell and The Black Palace emerged, many Itarian Generals, military advisors, weapon contractors, and soldiers flocked to The All Father. They helped the creator retake the universe under the banner of The Black Palace.

Fargulkians were amongst the first beings to enlist and join The Black Palace Military. Fargulk remembered the years of Itarian abuse, slavery, and occupation and was easily swayed by The All Father to join him. The Fargulkians went from being seen as slaves across the universe, to commanders and some of the most feared beings amongst the worlds. 

As The Black Palace Military grew in size, new tech and weapons were needed. The beings of Myero were entrusted by The All Father to produce new carrier ships for The Black Palace Military fleet. These new carrier ships were modeled after Itarian-era carrier ships but were faster, larger, and deadlier. The carrier ships were responsible for transporting Black Palace Military personnel and forces across the universe. 


What separated The Black Palace Military from the Itarians was the organization of The Black Palace Military. The Itarians kept their military organized by separate generals whereas The Black Palace separated its military by specific branches and leadership ladder. 


Leadership structure:


-The All Father 

-Overseeing Generals

Overseeing Generals are on the advisory council to The Black Palace Military. They oversee everything within their respective branches. Overseeing Generals only answer to The All Father. 

Under Overseeing Generals are four Generals. These Generals answer to the Overseeing General of their branch. 

Other leadership within the branches are Sergeants, Company Leaders, Lieutenants, Deputy Chiefs, Master Chiefs, and Commanders. They all answer to their ranking officer, with The All Father having the final say. 

The three branches of The Black Palace military are:



-Occupying Forces


The infantry is responsible for invading worlds and meeting any large enemy military force in open battle. They are also the shock and awe force of The Black Palace Military. As the first boots on the ground, many infantry troops rarely make it past their first campaign. After a few tours, enlisted infantry troops can apply for promotion to Sergeant, with few making it to Company Leader, Lieutenant, or Commander. None ever make it to General or Overseeing General.


The Overseeing General of the infantry is O.S.G. (Overseeing General) Kartov.  

The ranking system of the Infantry:

-Overseeing General




-Company Leader




The fleet is responsible for transporting Black Palace personnel and military forces across the universe. The fleet stays off-world and remains in space in a constant offensive and defensive position, with capabilities to react instantly. A reaction team of troops is always on standby to react against enemy combatants, insurgencies, raid riders, and universal threats such as asteroids, meteor showers, and other crises. Black Palace fleetmen are stationed on carrier ships for the entirety of their military career. 

The Overseeing General of the fleet is O.S.G. (Overseeing General) Nafo-Veguz.

The ranking system of the Fleet:

-Overseeing General




-Patrol Master Chief

-Head Patrol Officer




The occupying forces are responsible for putting out rebellions on planets and are the police, and security forces, of the conquered worlds. Advisors of The All Father who were previously military advisors to the Itarian Empire implored The All Father to have a strong Black Palace presence on every planet. These occupying forces adapt to every planet's terrain. In particular, special uniforms have been made for the occupying forces on Catovaz and Scav.


The Overseeing General of the occupying forces is O.S.G. (Overseeing General) Urix.  

The ranking system of the Occupying Forces:

-Overseeing General




-Chief Officer

-Deputy Chief


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