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From Vorza’s first interplanetary conquest, through the rise of The Black Palace, a rot dwelled just beneath the surface of the universe. Drug running, prostitution, trafficking, weapons smuggling, and a myriad of other crimes were taking place--much to the embarrassment of the Itarian Empire and, later, The All Father himself. This rot was widely known as the Subspace Underworld.


Unlike the previously mentioned empire, the Subspace Underworld had no rulers or kings. Power flowed like an ocean in a storm. Amidst the waves of chaos, gang wars and power struggles were a common occurrence. A crime lord could be at the top of the food chain one day and at the bottom the next.


Billions of criminal organizations can be operational at any single moment in the Subspace Underworld’s history. The Hox Pirates, The Last Giants, and the Red Suns were just a few of the known organizations that operated in the shadow of the universe. 

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