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Hailing from the planet Wan-Ri and becoming Arcadia's number one defense against The Black Palace, the Warrior Priests are amongst the strongest and most skilled fighters across the universe. Trained in many forms of combat, even ancient forms long thought forgotten, the Warrior Priests are experts in hand-to-hand combat, and different weapon styles, and even formed their techniques using Spear Energy

As the early inhabitants of Wan-Ri began harnessing the Spear Energy inside them, a breed of warriors emerged. For many cycles, the people of Wan-Ri trained their bodies to reach peak performance. Their fighting skills and overall abilities were enhanced due to manipulating and mastering the Spear Energy within. 

The first instance of Warrior Priests in action was seen during the era of the Itarian Empire. When the Itarians invaded Wan-Ri in the 8th cycle, the Warrior Priests of Wan-Ri fought back rigorously and with valor. 

After Wan-Ri's submission to the Itarians, many Warrior Priests were killed. Many more were enslaved to participate in the Vaaz-Ho-Dai. The Vaaz-Ho-Dai were gladiatorial games created by the Itarians where beings with connection to Spear Energy were forced to fight to the death. 

The art of the Warrior Priest was eventually lost over time until Corrin traveled to Wan-Ri during the 12 Good Years. During this time, inhabitants of Wan-Ri were under the banner of The Black Palace but kept their training and cultural customs a secret in fear of what The All Father might do. 

Under the leadership of Zhao-Lan, many inhabitants from Wan-Ri left for Arcadia with Corrin, where together, they brought back to life the ancient teachings and training style of the Warrior Priests. 

By the time the war between Corrin and The All Father started, thousands of inhabitants from Wan-Ri were now living on Arcadia as Warrior Priests. Training daily to hone the Spear Energy within them, the Warrior Priests are ready to fight in the defense of freedom. 


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