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General Dalire's Message That Inspired This Young Woman to Join The Allegiance

It has been five months since the War for the Universe started. The Allegiance opened lines of communication for journalists like us to inform everyone on what's happening. We aren't allowed to use our names, this is to protect our families from Black Palace retaliation. Many of my colleagues have died in front of me. I've seen young writers shot before my eyes just for questioning Black Palace forces. But it's not enough to deter me. That's why I spoke to a young woman from Gorkon, whose name I won't use for her safety, who joined The Allegiance. This war is important and so is her story.

I'm on the ground here in Catovaz. Black Palace Occupying Forces unloaded their blasters on civilians who were trying to flee the battle zone. I was able to escape due to the help of the unnamed woman. I've been entrenched with Allegiance fighters for a month, following them as they liberate Catovaz from Black Palace control. This is where I met our unnamed woman. We met after the liberation of New Var, where the main Black Palace Outpost was taken by The Allegiance.

"It was a sight to see," the unnamed woman told me. She arrived on Catovaz a few months before I did, traveling from Gorkon after hearing General Dalire's message to the conquered worlds. "I didn't think we would make it, but once I saw the Black Palace flag fall, I knew we would be victorious."

Our unnamed woman didn't leave home with the thought of becoming a fighter. Her sister was conscripted into the Black Palace Military. Like most families across the planetary empire, she felt the pain of losing a sibling to conscription. When she heard the General's message, she immediately knew she needed to find her sister.

"Something in me just lit up when I heard his message. I don't know how to explain it. I rounded up as many BPU's as I could get ahold of and bought a ride to the Davos System. There I met up with a group of Allegiance fighters who were heading to the Mehdias JX7 System, where my sister is stationed. At first, I was just hitching as many free rides as I could, but eventually, I saw what the Black Palace was doing. On Telamor, I killed my first soldier. I've lost count since."

She told me about her travels, the bloodshed she saw, and the carnage created by the Black Palace. Her stories were similar to other Allegiance fighters I've spoken to, all reminiscing on the time before the war, but also saying they would endure these hard times every lifetime to ensure freedom from the Black Palace. As we pushed through enemy lines, our unnamed woman spoke more about finding her sister.

"I have this fantasy of maybe seeing her on the battlefield. Maybe we will cross paths. One of us will notice the other before we shoot at each at other. We would drop our weapons and embrace one another, ya know. and this war will be over. It's a fantasy, but I hold on to it. It helps me sleep at night."

She has searched all Black Palace records on Catovaz for her sister's name but hasn't come up with anything. It's customary for the Black Palace to erase the identities of conscripts, making it easier for them to be brainwashed to obey The All Father. Even though she hasn't found her sister, she still fights for a free universe.

"I don't know if she's even alive still. Maybe all of this happened for a reason. If she hadn't gotten conscripted who knows if I would have left home. If I hadn't left home, I wouldn't have joined The Allegiance. I wouldn't have met all these brave men and women fighting to liberate our homes. I think we all have our own reasons for initially joining the cause, but I know for a fact we're all aligned for one purpose: to end this war and end the Black Palace."

We were split up days later, with our unnamed woman moving forward to the south of Catovaz with another Allegiance group. Her story, and millions of others, ring out across the stars. Our time to fight is now, and I won't stop sharing the words of these heroes until we are all free.

-War Correspondent

Note from the Allegiance News Radio:

General Dalire and the Army of Kaasiar perished on Kaasiar after this article was written. His message to the conquered worlds was transcribed. It can be read below:

"Freedom is here! Take up arms now! This is General Dalire of Kaasiar. Corrin and a few warriors from Wan-Ri have made the first blow towards the Black Palace. No matter where you are, no matter what planet you reside on, this war includes you. No more sons, daughters, sisters, and brothers will be at the mercy of The All Father! This is the fight of our lives. Join us! If you are able-bodied, meet us on Vaxlier four days from now. This is General Dalire of Kaasiar. Out!

To our brother. To our General. Rest amongst the stars.

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Continue the fight, remember the fallen.


Jun 06

how do I join the allegiance tho???


Jun 06

damn RIP General Dalire

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